We are Conference and Event management Company with a 18 years of experience

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As a PCO (Professional Conference Organizer), specializing in creating exceptional scientific and business meetings, it allows us to be certain – it does not take much to create a perfect event. No matter, whether it is a Conference or a Gala Dinner – we follow our 7 steps mantra in order to meet and exceed your expectations:

 Gather a team. A group of excited and motivated professionals is half of the success.

 Plan ahead. The excel sheets with timelines are our everyday Bible. And this is why we are never late.

 Dream big. It is never just a summit for us – we are constantly looking for new ideas, new                                     opportunities and new ways to make your event unique.

 Team up. We know we cannot be the best at everything. This is why we have long-term partnerships                  with caterers, locations, decorators and all the specialists you could possibly think of.

 Have plan B. Anything can happen. This is why, there is always a plan B. And a plan C. Sometimes, we             have a plan M too.

 Be open. We believe that better opportunities do exist – and we are always ready for them.

 Never stop. Dreaming, believing and improving.



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17-19 April, 2024

European Conference for Social Work Research

Vilnius | Lithuania


8-10 September, 2022

16th Conference of the Baltic Association of Paediatric Surgeons

Kaunas | Lithuania

25-29 August, 2022

23rd Paleopathology Association European Meeting - Hybrid event

Vilnius | Lithuania

24-27 August, 2022

22nd Congress of the European Anthropology Association

Vilnius | Lithuania

3-6 July, 2022

Balticum Organicum Syntheticum

Vilnius | Lithuania

17-19 June, 2022

20th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

8-10 June, 2022

21st Conference of the International Society for Biological Calorimetry

Vilnius | Lithuania

28 April, 2022

Annual Conference "Arterial Hypertension 2022" - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania


11-14 November, 2021

ISA RC-22 Interim Regional Conference - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

5 October, 2021

International Conference "Lean Green Digital Business" - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

27-29 August, 2021

19th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

21 May, 2021

Trilateral Conference of the Baltic Assembly, Benelux Parliament and Nordic Council - Virtual Event

Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania

30 April, 2021

The Conference of Lithuanian Stroke Association - Virtual Event

29 April, 2021

Lithuanian Conference "Arterial Hypertension 2021" - Virtual Event

21-23 April, 2021

9th Conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

30-31 March, 2021

International Conference "Horizon Europe: Opportunities for Lithuania" - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

11 February, 2021

Conference "Nephrology 2021" - Virtual Event


8 December, 2020

Conference and hands-on "From Donation to Stem Cell Injection in Crohn’s Perianal Fistulas’ - Virtual Event

Kaunas | Lithuania

4 December, 2020

Conference "Differential Diagnosis of Acute Conditions in the Practice of a Family Doctor" - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

19 November, 2020

Conference of Lithuanian Child Neurology Association - Virtual Event

Kaunas | Lithuania

11 November, 2020

CEE Haemophilia Expert Meeting (2nd session) - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

4 November, 2020

CEE Haemophilia Expert Meeting (1st session) - Virtual Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

22-24 October, 2020

International Congress on Brain, Heart & Kidney - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania

16 October, 2020

Annual Conference of Lithuanian Stroke Association - Virtual Event

Trakai | Lithuania

28-30 August, 2020

18th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists - Hybrid Event

Vilnius | Lithuania


8-11 July, 2019

24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of Neurosciences (ISHN)

Vilnius | Lithuania

16-20 June, 2019

ISSA Conference

Leiden | The Netherlands

14-16 June, 2019

17th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists

Panevėžys | Lithuania

3-5 June, 2019

7th Nordic-Baltic Biometric Conference

Vilnius | Lithuania

16-18 May, 2019

15th Conference of the Baltic Child Neurology Association

Kaunas | Lithuania


10-14 October, 2018

Kangourou Sans Frontiers

Vilnius | Lithuania

11 October 2018

Pan-Baltic Infrastructure Summit

Riga | Latvia

6-8 September, 2018

9th Baltic Congress of Neurology

Kaunas | Lithuania

2-6 July, 2018

12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and 2018 IMS Annual Meeting on Probability and Statistics

Vilnius | Lithuania

8-10 June, 2018

16th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists

Marijampolė | Lithuania


2-3 November, 2017

Baltic PM Days 2017

Vilnius | Lithuania

3-6 October, 2017

ISSA Conference 2017 | Local Responses, Global Advances: Towards Competent Early Childhood Systems

Ghent | Belgium

28-29 September, 2017

Pan-Baltic Infrastructure Summit

Vilnius | Lithuania

21-23 September, 2017

CICIND Annual Conference

Vilnius | Lithuania

10-13 September, 2017

4th North and East European Congress on Food

Kaunas | Lithuania

21-25 August, 2017

The last 60 years of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics: Longstanding Problems and New Perspectives

Vilnius | Lithuania

16-18 June, 2017

15th Summer School of Lithuanian Neurologists

Klaipėda | Lithuania


11-13 October, 2016

ISSA Conference 2016 | Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change

Vilnius | Lithuania

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